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The 2007 DBW was featured on NPR by WUNC's Rose Hoban. Click here to listen to the report.

July 29 - August 1, 2013

Registration is now closed for the 2013 Workshop.


The finished sequence of the human genome represents an invaluable scientific resource that has greatly accelerated research. However, the bewildering array of genomic information, novel analysis tools and ancillary databases are difficult to navigate without being equipped with the skills necessary to make optimal use of the data. The purpose of the Duke Bioinformatics Workshop (DBW) is to provide its participants, graduate students and experienced scientific researchers alike, with the expertise to efficiently explore this myriad of information. The DBW is directed at individuals with previous genomics experience and has been designed to give a broad overview of topics relevant to innovative research with examples chosen by experienced instructors who use these data on a daily basis. The workshops will continue to provide intensive training in an environment that fosters close interaction between students and instructors.

The 2013 DBW builds upon the success of eight previous years of Duke Bioinformatics workshops that have trained over 340 researchers in the use of publicly available bioinformatic data. This year's workshop includes new databases and experimental platforms that reflect advances in technological and scientific fields of research. The course is a 4-day workshop (July 29 - August 1) that introduces new technologies and databases and has in-depth coverage of genome browsers, comparative sequence analysis, microarray platforms, proteomics and applications of next-generation sequencing platforms.


The major factors that will influence the use of the vast amount of data arising from the Human Genome Project will be an awareness of the diversity of data that is publicly available and the development of skills that can make full use of it. The significance of the DBW lies not only in its content,( i.e. utilization of evolving biological databases and the innovative tools with which they are queried) but also the Instructors who present the class. The DBW instructors understand the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the analyses they perform. The DBW will provide scientific researchers with a workshop at which the participants are exposed to, and have use of, biological databases that they will utilize in their respective fields or research.


Instructors participating in the 2013 DBW are from Duke University, the Jackson Laboratory, and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (UK) and are acknowledged experts in their field. Each instructor's module is based upon publicly available resources that they use on a daily basis as part of their own specialized fields of research.

Total number of attendees

As with previous years, the class size is limited to 45 students. A class of this size promotes close interaction between the instructors and students in the didactic and exercise components of each module and the free research time at the end of both workshops.


Each topic module contains a short didactic component, together with worked examples and exercises to reinforce the lessons of the module. The workshop is accompanied by a color manual that contains all the worked examples, exercises and additional information pertaining to each module. In addition to the manual, the cost of the workshop includes lunch, as well as morning and afternoon coffee.

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